Because “Life is a purposeless play.”

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A disciple asked the Guru:

The Guru said:

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“The lesser time you spend forcing yourself to do things, the happier you will be.”

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To Be Happy, Develop A Character.

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This leadership expert swears it’s the path to happiness.

“I believe that the reason we don’t have energy, the reason that we are not as creative as we want, the reason why we’re not as productive as we want is because we have betrayed our talent and the deep, wise primal hero within knows of that self-betrayal. And we start to hate ourselves.”

Understand What’s Keeping You From Happiness.

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A Balloon Has Two Choices

Its power could make you happy too.

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Purpose, Differences, and Envy.

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And how to prepare for them.

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To be happy, you have got to start taking serious action.

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A 90-second Masterclass on humanity.

Ankur Patel, Ph.D.

Neuroscientist, Author, Investor, I Write about Happiness, Fulfillment, Peace of Mind |, Twitter: @dopa1120

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